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Why Autocast?


Electude Certified

Using simulator-based technology and realistic animations, with customers in over 50 countries, Electude revolutionizes the learning methodology in automotive industry. These are successfully implemented in professional schools, colleges and universities.

Our platform is very advanced and integrates a database with lessons, tasks, tests, and simulations. It is defined as the most efficient, pleasant and modern method you could use to explore the field of auto mechanics.

This system allows students and teachers to use the course virtually and to learn, focusing constantly on practical things. The virtual experiments used in our e-learning lessons are the as realistic as they could be and allows you to avoid the exorbitant costs of purchasing the necessary equipment.


E-learning = Electude

Built upon 30 years of research and expertise, Electude has revolutionized the automotive education industry by leveraging hands-on gaming technologies and a discovery-based learning environment. These interactive and engaging teaching solutions empower vocational students to learn effectively and give teachers custom time-saving tools. To this day, Electude is driven by its founders’ vision: that with the right tools, anyone can achieve their full potential.

With programs in light vehicles, heavy vehicles, and systems technologies, Electude offers a highly adaptable platform that performs equally well in the classroom, in the shop, or at home. Learn more about it at www.electude.com.


Multilinguistic Platform

Learn the basic principles of auto mechanics in Romanian or English (or other language).

Realistic Animations

Interactive simulations, realistic animations on graphic user interphace.

Study at Your Own Pace

Set your own learning rythm and finish the course according to your schedule.

Certificate on Completion

After the final test, you will receive your certificare of completion.

Our E-learning platform integrates a LMS with a database, lessons, tasks, tests and simulations.

  • Every lesson comprises of short paragraphs of well presented content in a cosice manner, designed to captivate students’ attention.
  • At the end of each chapter, students are forced to provide answers to one or more questions in order to continue. This system improves the cognitive function and allows the process to be more interactive, especially for noadays students of a digital age.
  • The software remembers correct answers and the number of tries it takes to complete the test correctly. This provides the instructor a great feedback regarding the real progress of their student.

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