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High-School Syllabus

The Essential Automotive Programme, provided by Autocast and Electude, is here to replaces traditional learning methodology with an innovative E-learning platform.

Electric Systems – Essentials

  • Electricity Intro and Basics
  • Battery
  • Startup System
  • Load system
  • Lighting systems

Suspension and Direction

  • Theory and general operation
  • Suspension systems
  • Directional systems
  • Servo-direction
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheels and tires

Braking System and ABS

  • Theory and general operation
  • Hydraulic system
  • Drum brakes and disc brakes
  • Power brake
  • Electronic braking, traction and stability systems

Engine Service

  • General Engine Operation
  • Engine block assembly
  • Cylinder, camshaft, and tiller
  • Lubrication and cooling systems
  • Diesel Engine Theory

Teachers’ and Students’ Benefits
  • You can always check if the students are engaged and actively involved with the lesson.
  • Real-time reports on how students comprehend the study material.
  • Hands-on practical virtual sessions before the practical tests.
  • Helps the process of understanding the use of each component through both theoretically and practically.
  • Step-by=step illustration on how students go through the modules and important insights on how their progress.
  • With individual username and password, the system confers access to the course materials on the internet at any time and any location.
School Benefits
  • The programme offers the possibility of choosing between hundreds of modules that could be used and customized to your preferences in order to create an ideal curriculum.
  • The students are able to learn the most recent the depths of the Automotive Technology in an interactive way.
  • Platform flexibility and personalized modules based on the students’/school’s requests.
  • Ability to scale and measure the students’ level of knowledge and skillfulness.
  • A fitting syllabus to replace and improve current curricula with a more professional and better priced platform.
  • Improves learning curve by 15-20%, time-wise.

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